Coochy Shave Creme - Slick Chic Pear Berry - 16 oz.

Coochy Shave Creme - Slick Chic Pear Berry - 16 oz.

Provocative medley of sweet d anjou pear and luscious summer berries. The original and ultimate rash-shave creme made with hair and skin softening agents for a smooth rash-free shave. The best body shave creme helps prevent embarrassing shave bumps and ingrown hairs left behind by other shave products. Protects skin during shaving and provides smooth moisturizing shave to any part of the body. Perfect for intimate shaving as well as all areas of the body including legs and underarms. Formulated with jojoba plus skin and hair conditioning agents for an extra smooth shave.

How to Use:

Wet area to be shaved. Using hands smooth Coochy Creme to skin. Shave and rinse.


Body shaving creme.

Special Features:

Paraben and sugar free

Manufacturer: Classic Erotica
  Made in USA

Coochy Shave Creme - Slick Chic Pear Berry - 16 oz.
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After trying it myself, and giving it as gifts to close friends, I can very safely say that the Coochy line is absolutely worth very penny. A little goes a LONG way with the shaving creams, and this particular scent was a VERY high seller in my retail days. The scents keep you trying new ones, but the quality keeps you coming back for more. If you're prone to razor-rashes, going slow with one of these bottles and a new blade can be a life-changer. Or at least a leg changer. Heck, someone try it on your next morning beard-shave and let me know how that goes! Spread a little Chic anywhere you need that smooth finish. Go forth and be smooth, my lovelies! --

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